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Keeping the Birds and Animals hydrated in the Summer Season - save animals, save earth

Friends in the burning heat of summer season water become the most important part of our life. But have we ever given a thought that we can arrange or access water easily whenever we need it but the poor animals and birds do not have such liberty or power? I have seen many stray animals running here and there in search of water and lick whatever and wherever they find some.

We obviously cannot help all the animals and birds in this world ourselves but if we take initiative and keep water for birds and stray animals outside our house or at the terrace, this will be a great helping cause towards the poor birds and animals. You can put water in a bowl, pot or water feeders that are easily available.

10 Ways to Help Birds This Summer

  • Leave baby birds alone
  • Ensure dogs and cats stay away from young birds.
  • Keep things fresh.
  • Maintain your land in a bird-friendly fashion.
  • Be a good landlord.
  • Don't spray: Stay away from pesticides.
  • Celebrate good times
  • Turn the outdoor lights out.
  • Be a bird-friendly boater.
  • Gone fishing? Remember the birds.

Birds have a naturally higher body heat than many other creatures. While optimal temperatures vary for different species, the average bird has a body temperature of 105 F (40 C). Furthermore, birds' high metabolic rate and active lifestyle generate even more body heat that must be controlled if the bird is to stay healthy and cool.

Tips to help your dog keep their cool

When the temperatures rise, you may be able to stay cool by sweating or drinking a nice glass of iced tea, but your dog isn't so lucky. Not only should your dog not drink tea — or any caffeinated beverage, for that matter — they also really don't have the ability to sweat very well. Dogs mostly cool themselves off by panting.

So, how can you help keep your pup comfortable and safe when the mercury starts to rise? Fret not, this article contains some tips, tricks, and cool (pun intended) product suggestions that can help.