A woman infected with Corona in Achham has been successfully operated on at Kohalpur Teaching Hospital in Banke. A 25-year-old pregnant woman was admitted to Kohalpur-based Teaching Hospital by helicopter on Monday after treatment at Bayalpata Hospital in Achham became impossible, said Dr. Dinesh Shrestha, Deputy Director of the hospital.

According to him, the woman, who is 18 weeks pregnant, has undergone successful surgery on her bowel. A team including Dr. Pradip Thapa and Dr. Ashish Bhatt performed the operation. Women's health condition is normal. The woman, a resident of Achham Chorkot Gaonpalika-5, was brought to Kohalpur by helicopter on Monday after her condition deteriorated at Bayalpata Hospital in Achham.

The outpatient department and emergency room of the teaching hospital in Kohalpur were completely closed on Monday night after the Corona test at Bheri Hospital in Nepalgunj came positive after the patient tested positive for corona came back from India. Fourteen people, including doctors, nurses and assistants involved in the treatment, have been placed in quarantine. The hospital will be fully sanitized and will be operational from Wednesday, said Dr. Nitesh Kumar Kanodia, co-director of the hospital.