Another woman from Bhulke in Udayapur has been confirmed to have corona infection. The hospital's medical superintendent, Dr. Krishna Kumar, said the corona test was positive. Sangita Mishra informed.

The infected woman is said to be 43 years old. Including him, the number of corona infections in Province 1 has reached 35. The infected have been kept at Covid 19 treatment center in Biratnagar and 14 of them have recovered and been discharged.

Earlier, 18, 45 and 65-year-old women were found infected on Saturday morning. Of the 334 people who last collected throat swabs in Bhulke, three were found to be infected in a test conducted at the PCR lab of Koshi Hospital in Biratnagar. Other tests are ongoing, said Dr. Mishra.

According to the state government, throat swabs of 695 people have been collected in Bhulke so far. The corona virus infection was confirmed for the first time in 12 people, including 11 Indians and 1 Nepali, who were staying at the Nuri Mosque in Bhulke on April 17. Since then, 32 people have been infected with forgetfulness.

After the treatment, 14 people have been discharged, including 6 on Wednesday and 8 on Friday. The number of infected people has reached 35 in 32 states including Bhulke, Bhojpur's Hatuwagadhi and Jhapa's Bahardashi and Damak.