Another 35 people were confirmed to be infected with corona in Rautahat on Wednesday. At the same time, the number of corona infections in the district has reached 105. Chief District Officer Basudev Ghimire confirmed that 28 people tested positive in the laboratory at Teku in Kathmandu and seven in Hetauda.

Corona infection has been confirmed in seven people in the quarantine of Chandrapur Municipality. All of them are residents of Gadhimai municipality. As there is no quarantine, they have been kept in Chandrapur. Similarly, eight people have been infected in Gaur Municipality, 16 in Ishnath Municipality, two in Devahigonahi and two in Katahariya Municipality, said Chief District Officer Ghimire.

They are all Nepalis from India. "Everyone's health is normal," he said. "We're discussing where to keep those who have been infected."

According to Ghimire, the infection has been confirmed in 83 people in the district within four days. They came from India and stayed in quarantine. At present, the number of people entering the district from India is around 100 every day. Earlier, corona infection was confirmed in 22 people in Rautahat on Tuesday alone. So far, three people have recovered in Rautahat.

After the lockdown, it was the policy of the government to keep the Indians in the Nepali quarantine for health check-ups and to quarantine the Nepalis in India. However, arrangements have been made for Nepalis coming from India to return home through the border after June 12. Those who come in such a way are taken directly to the quarantine by the security personnel.

Those who enter from the border who are from the local level have been handed over to the people's representatives at the same local level and have been subjected to health check-up and quarantine, said Prajia Ghimire. At present, there are around 3,000 returnees from India in various quarantines in the district.