The government is preparing to do Lockdown throughout April. For this, a meeting of COVID-19 Prevention and Control High Level Coordinating Committee has started.

After the cabinet meeting on Friday discussed how to take the lockdown, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had instructed Deputy Prime Minister Ishwor Pokharel, the convener of the high-level committee, to come up with a proposal after discussing the new modalities of the lockdown.

Preparations have been made to operate essential and urgent services in Lockdown by separating different areas. Preparations have been made to allow the industries of health care, construction services, agriculture sector and production of essential materials to operate by maintaining physical distance. 

According to a minister who is a member of the high-level committee, there was a discussion in the cabinet on Friday on whether to loosen or tighten the lockdown. According to him, the modalities of taking different policies accordingly by classifying different places according to the state of corona infection have been discussed.

Accordingly, Udaipur, Parsa and other areas where infection has been observed are considered as one sensitive area. To make the timber harder in this area. Add health workers and security personnel and the central government will assist the state and local governments in this. The government is also preparing to increase testing in this area on a large scale.

Going for this modality, another strategy will be adopted for the Far West and Karnali. There is no infection in this area but there is a large group left to be tested. Therefore, the government can take a strategy to increase the testing here and not to let the locks down immediately.