The government has been modifying the pattern of lockdown from April 10 to make it less loose in areas where the risk of infection is low. An official of the Ministry of Health informed that a preliminary plan has been prepared to ease the lockdown.

According to the map, offices and means of transportation will be partially operated in low risk areas. The government is preparing to classify the areas into three parts based on the risk and implement the corresponding measures, the health ministry official said.

According to the official, the Ministry of Health and Home Affairs has been doing its homework since the Prime Minister gave instructions to ease the lockdown. According to him, the infected areas will be sealed and the air circulation will be completely stopped.

So far, Udaipur, Birgunj and Nepalgunj have been sealed. More infected were found in these places. Nepalgunj, which was found infected on Sunday, was immediately sealed, police said.

After the offices are allowed to operate, the Upatyaka office will be able to reserve small vehicles and transport the staff. An office with a large number of employees will have to make arrangements for only 50 percent of the staff to come to the office.

Similarly, private vehicles, taxis and motorcycles will be allowed to run. There will be only one passenger in a motorcycle and one passenger in a taxi. There are also plans to start domestic flights. According to the action plan, the aircraft will be able to carry half the capacity.

"After the start of domestic flights, arrangements had to be made to leave the airport. Short-distance vehicles must be allowed to operate in low-risk areas," the ministry official said.

Discussions will be held with the airlines to start domestic flights. He said if they were willing to take a partial flight, they would be able to transport medical supplies and pick up emergency passengers.

They will not be allowed to come from high risk areas. Strict measures will be taken to enter the valley from other places besides the urgent ones. Despite being partially open, the government is preparing to do so for a long time. Industry and construction sectors will be operated.

Dance bars, restaurants, movie halls, schools will be completely closed. Crowded events and weddings, fasts, banquets will not be allowed. The draft will be further discussed on Monday.

'No problem to open in the valley'

Chief of the Metropolitan Police Office, DIG Bishwaraj Pokhrel, who looks after the three districts of the Kathmandu Valley, said that there would be no problem if the locks were opened. He says that in the current situation, it would be even more risky to go for lockdown.

"If the lockdown continues to escalate, it will create a major economic, social and security crisis. We need to be as vigilant as we are today, but we should not keep the lockdown as it is now," said DIG Pokhrel.

He said that the role of citizens would be more to keep the safe area safe. Pokhrel said that the role of the locals would be important to prevent people from coming to their areas from risky places. "At present, there is no problem in loosening the timber in the three districts of the valley. Those areas where there is a risk should be closed," he said.