Minister for Health and Population Bhanubhakta Dhakal has said that 10,000 people will be tested for corona virus (Covid 19) daily by PCR method from July 29. In response to a question from a lawmaker in the federal parliament today, he said that the process of purchasing the machine has been started to test 10,000 daily.

He said that after purchasing the machine, a large number of public PCR tests could be arranged daily from abroad. At present, 4,000 tests are being conducted daily from 21 places in the country. So far, one lakh 971 PCRs and 1 lakh 56 thousand 991 RDTs have been tested.

He expressed the view that a strong foundation could be laid for the health sector even if the current budget is not enough for health improvement. Minister Dhakal assured that health programs would be launched in the coming year to increase the quality of health services provided to the general public and the accessibility of the general public.

Minister Dhakal said that priority has been given to provide effective services through various health programs, Ayurveda, naturopathy, homeopathic and yoga and other alternative treatment methods in coordination with the state and local levels under the Healthy Nepal Campaign. He said that the health institutions would be upgraded on the basis of geography and population.

He said that temporary posts would be sanctioned immediately as per the need by restructuring the existing posts of health institutions. Stating that doctors will be employed with high morale, he informed that doctors, nurses and health workers have been given 100 percent allowance and Rs 2.5 million insurance.

He said that necessary programs would be made for the management of one doctor and one doctor at each local level. Minister Dhakal said that sufficient budget has been allocated to provide free health care to the poor, destitute, helpless and senior citizens.

Budget has been allocated for vaccination, nutrition, tuberculosis, HIV / AIDS and other epidemics. Under this year's program, a 300-bed association and a 50-bed communicable disease hospital will be set up in each state. He said that the old zonal hospital would be upgraded to 200 beds and five hospitals in the association and Pokhara Health Science Academy and Karnali Science Academy would be upgraded to 500 beds.

Stating that the government is making efforts for the prevention and control of COVID-19, he said that the epidemic of COVID-19 is different from other countries. According to him, the age group of 21 to 31 years has seen more infections in Nepal. Asked about the Rs 10 billion spent on epidemic control, he said the federation had spent Rs 6.3 billion, the states Rs 1.8 billion and 641 localities Rs 2.76 billion.

Similarly, Rs 2.92 billion was spent on the purchase of health items from the Ministry of Health, he said.