with new cases of corona the infected number count has reached to 1811.

For the first time, five people have been infected with corona in the mountainous district of Gandaki. Similarly, five people have been infected in Syangja, according to the state health directorate.

Corona infection was confirmed on Tuesday in two men aged 20 and 40 in the quarantine at Kushma, the headquarters of Phalebas Municipality in Parbat, and three men aged 20,19 and 21 in the quarantine at Kusma in Mahashila village in Parbat. They have all recently returned from India.

Similarly, corona infection has been found in 22, 32, 26 and 40 year old men living in the local quarantine in Chapakot Municipality of Syangja. A 20-year-old man from Biruwa village in Syangja has also been infected. He was also in quarantine. Dr. Binod Bindu Sharma, Director of Health and Spokesperson of Gandaki Pradesh Corona Control and Prevention Program, said that preparations are being made to take the infected people to the isolated district hospital.

Three infected people have returned home after recovering.

Including this, the number of corona infections in Gandaki has reached 37.