A 35-year-old man died on Saturday with COVID-19 in the quarantine of Nepal Electricity Authority in Dullu Municipality. Karnali Social Development Minister Dal Rawal said that Swab's report was positive on Saturday.

"As soon as the report is positive, we have started the process for the management of the bodies," he said. "We are in regular contact with the Dailekh district administration office and the municipality for this."

The body of the infected corona is in the quarantine in Dullu. The state government has stated that the bodies will be managed only on Sunday with the help of local administration and security personnel. Minister Rawal said that he had received information that a Nepal Army team had left Dailekh for Dullu to manage the bodies. "The government has set certain rules and standards for the management of corpses," he said.

He came from Gujarat, India 10 days ago and suddenly fainted on Saturday morning. A team of health workers reached the quarantine only four hours after he collapsed. By then, he was dead. On Thursday, a sample of the man's swab was taken and sent to Karnali Institute of Health Sciences, Jumla for testing.

As soon as the report came positive, other people in the quarantine are scared. At present, 79 people are staying in the quarantine of Nepal Electricity Authority in Dullu. According to Mayor Ghanshyam Bhandari, three other people used to sleep in the same bed with the deceased. "After the report was positive, there was panic because of that person," he said. "Still, we are trying to normalize the situation inside."

Dr. Dullu Hospital. Pooja BC said that although she was diagnosed with corona infection, she immediately showed symptoms of heart attack. He said he died while being treated in isolation.