A corona infection has been confirmed in a member of the Armed Police Force deployed under the protection of CPN (Maoist) leader and former Home Minister Bhim Rawal. A test at the National Public Health Laboratory on Tuesday confirmed a corona infection.

According to Rawal's personal secretary Govinda Dulal, the security personnel had gone on leave a month ago. He went on leave after his wife fell ill and returned to work a month later. He was asked to return only after a corona test by the Armed Police Force.

"Rawal Sir had asked him to come again only after it was confirmed that Corona was not there. His corona was then tested at the Armed Police Hospital, 'Dulal said.

He was deployed in the rear vehicle for Rawal's safety. It has been revealed that he is a local resident of Bhaktapur Duwakot. The Armed Police Force is coordinating with the team of Nepal Police and the Ministry of Health to conduct contact tracing of the infected person.

The security guards did not show any signs of corona. Police have now sealed Duwakot. Among the confirmed cases on Tuesday were security personnel and a nurse in Bhaktapur.