Nine infected corona, including an 8-year-old girl, have been released from the Corona Special Isolation Center in Butwal. They were discharged from the isolation center at ANFA Football Center at Butwal-10 on Sunday after no infection was found in his test conducted at different stages.

Butwal Chief Shivaraj Subedi bade farewell to the nine persons who were discharged after the corona result was negative. "After returning home, I have been asked to work as an awareness ambassador in the community," said Chief Subedi. "We have also suggested continuing a balanced diet."

Eight persons from Kapilvastu and one from Rupandehi discharged on Sunday. They had come to the Isolation Center at Butwal-10 on May 24 after the infection was confirmed. Of those recruited, seven were from India. Although two of them had a general fever, none of them showed any symptoms, said a health worker from Butwal. Two of them had come to Butwal saying that they were infected while they were at home.

Discharged people had returned from india except 8 years old child. Now there are 32 people in isolation. Some of them will be tested by collecting swabs after the completion of the second phase of the test. According to Kundan Kumar Singh, head of Butwal's health branch, preparations are being made to collect and send the swabs on Sunday evening or Monday morning.

Mohan Mishra, a public health officer at Butwal, said that the people in the isolation center were given regular health check-ups, yoga practice, meditation, dance and sattvic food.