They are currently staying in the isolation of Narayani Hospital after they were confirmed to have been living in a mosque in front of Shriram Hall in Chhapkaya, Birgunj Municipality-1. The corona infection has been confirmed after a preliminary test in Hetunda was sent to Kathmandu for re-examination. Police arrested six of them in connection with the Quarantine of Siddharth Mavi at Birgunj Sugar Mill on Saturday evening.

Birgunj - Terror has spread on the residents of Birgunj after the confirmed infection of Kovid 19 in three Indian nationals in a mosque in Birgunj. Most of the tolls have hung a board with 'bans for entry' blocking the bamboo at the main entrance to their toll.

According to the ministry, nasal and throat swabs from the three individuals had initially tested positive in Hetauda on Friday, after which the samples were dispatched to the National Public Health Laboratory in Kathmandu for confirmation. The laboratory confirmed Covid-19 in all samples Saturday evening, according to Dr Roshan Pokhrel, chief specialist at the Health Ministry.

“All three have been sent to the isolation facility set up at Narayani Provincial Hospital in Birgunj,” said Pokhrel. “Contact tracing of people who had come in close contact with them has also started.”

Dr Madan Kumar Upadhayay, medical superintendent at the Narayan hospital confirmed that three Indian nationals have been in the hospital’s isolation ward since Friday, but refrained from confirming Covid-19 as he was not authorised to speak to the media.

Test samples from 33 people who were in quarantine had been collected for testing on Thursday after a few presented symptoms. Three subsequently tested positive.